A downloadable game for Windows

= A groovy feline rhythm game =

Does anyone really know what their cat gets up to when they head out? Take a journey inside the mind of a cat as he explores a space full of his favourite things on his meanderings back home.

Click the left mouse button on the beats when the rings glow, avoid any pink obstacles!
Make sure to play until the end...

This game was created for the 2019 Epic MegaJam. We used the spacecats modifier.

Install instructions

To run this game extra smoothly create a shortcut and add the -audiomixer flag to the end of the Target.

(It will work without it but there may be issues with closing and resetting the game)


VanishingPointGames_Catnip.zip 340 MB


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Very cool unique experience, that ending was trippy. I love rythem games, and this one was a nice smooth experience. loved the artwork and the visuals.


Great to know you enjoyed it, thanks for the feedback!


Music was great and was enthralled by the wamrth of that ending


You enthrall me T-dog